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Griffin B.

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Junior in Poli Sci. I enjoy and am good at helping people through complex subjects. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey there! I'm a junior at UA studying Political Science and minoring in Geography. I also grew up with an extensive background of math and science. Most people also consider me to be a personable guy. I enjoy teaching people, and I will break down subjects and explain them in different ways until you understand them. I will also adapt my tutoring style to the format you desire most. I will accept all that would like me to help so long as I have the time (which I don't believe will be an issue) so don't hesitate to send me a request or a message. I hope to hear from you soon! Tutored people who needed help all throughout my academic career starting all the way back in middle school through high school and currently in college (all together about 10 years) in a range of subjects including, but not limited to: Math, Music, Science, Political Science, History, Foreign Languages, Geography, etc. All those I have tutored have ended up bringing their grades up at least one letter. I will sometimes play guitar in the Ferguson Center Plaza late at night, and I am apparently known around campus as Indiana Jones. I also like to go on adventures, or game in my free time.


Mondays between 11am and 1pm as well as after 6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays any time after 2pm Wednesdays and Fridays between 11am and 1pm as well as after 2pm Saturday and Sunday open to scheduling for any time


The University of Alabama

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