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Daniel T.

Gainesville, FL


If you ever wanted to learn the fundamentals of Computer Science the right way, you've come to the right place ?!

➡️Received and A in both Programming Fundamentals 1 and 2. ➡️Have several years of experience tutoring beginners. ➡️Have led and designed several programming projects, all highly rated by my peers. I have several years of experience with tutoring in general, but I especially excel in teaching the fundamentals of Programming and sharing my passion for code. I'll teach you computer science the right way. Many professors just rush you into programming without explaining the concepts in enough detail. This causes problems and bad habits down the line that may be hard to fix. Unlike many other tutors, I'll take the time to help you understand everything completely before moving on and teach you great programming practices that will help you far into the future. I promise after we're through, programming will be a breeze for you.


I'm available for tutoring Tuesdays and Thursdays after 3:30 unless I have an exam. I also do weekends! Besides this, I open to schedule you in for a time that best works for us.


University of Florida

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