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Grant T.

Auburn University, AL


Hi, I’m Grant Turner, and I care about your grade just as much as you do. I will work hard to ensure you excel in your class.

I’m an Aerospace Major here at Auburn and have extensive knowledge in math and physics. I’ve taken both AP Calculus and AP Physics and scored a 3 and 5 respectively. I have a 3.65 GPA, a 30 ACT, and am a recipient of the Founders Scholarship. While I have little professional tutoring experience, I always jump at the opportunity to help others. I have eagerly helped several friends and family members when they struggle in various areas. On campus, I stay involved by being a member of the USLI team and AIAA society. As an Aerospace Engineer, I feel I’ve always excelled in areas involving math and science. However, regardless of my experience, I will work with you at a pace that is comfortable and constructive for you, and personalize my tutoring methods in ways that help you learn. I guarantee that when you leave a tutoring session with me, you will not only be proficient in your course, but confident.


I am available most week nights starting at 4:00, and whenever I am in town on the weekend. However, if you contact me with a special request for a session time, I will work with you to schedule a time that is most beneficial to both of us. As far as location goes, I am a resident on campus, which means I can easily meet you anywhere on campus during or after school hours.


Auburn University

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