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Guillermo W.

Stanford, CA


I'm an easy-going and friendly tutor, and I love math and physics. I'm eager to help you sucede at a great price!

Undeclared, but prospective Engineering Physics Major 3.95 GPA I want to be part of the quantum computing revolution. Highschool: 35 ACT (36 on math and science) 10th Place Nationwide My Alpha Theta Probability competition 3rd Place Statewide Statistics Competitiln Informally tutored peers in high school Junior and Senior Year Coach for Math Team in high school Sophomore, Junior, and Senior, meaning I was responsible for teaching the material to everyone in my division Bi-lingual and Tri-national


Availability is pretty variable, but generally Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Monday, Wednesday evenings are the best time for me, weekends also work.


Stanford University

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