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Hayden C.

LSU Kinesiology graduate, beginning my first year at Parker University in the DC program. Experience in human cadaver lab.


Hey guys! I am a about to begin my first trimester in the doctor of chiropractic program at Parker University. I graduated Louisiana State University with a 3.4 GPA and A+’s/A’s in all the courses I will be tutoring (human anatomy, organic chemistry, and entry-level math). I have thousands of hours of internship experience in the physical therapy field, and hundreds of hours of both research and teaching experience. I have been hands on with human cadavers in a cadaver lab, and have also tutored the subject of anatomy for a number of years. I am an avid volunteer in my community and just love the idea of giving back to those around me. As far as experience goes, I have been tutoring at the college level for over three years. My most tutored subject would have to be human anatomy, where I use my hands on experiences to enhance my knowledge and help the students I tutor. Outside of tutoring, I also spent my undergraduate years gaining valuable clinical experience in two physical therapy clinics; one of the clinics was an inpatient/outpatient pediatric hospital, and the other was a private orthopedic clinic. I have over 1500 hours of clinical experience between the two. I believe that through my experience as a tutor and volunteer, I have enhanced my skills necessary to be a successful tutor and mentor. It takes a special and particular person to connect with those around them, especially when that person is leaning on you to help them succeed. I believe my experience has allowed me to become not only a successful tutor, but a successful person as a whole as well.


Until September, available weekdays between 9 and 6. Available on weekends by request, depending on prior engagements.

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