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Ian H.

I can make calculus seem as easy as breathing. I’ve been tutoring math for two years, and I can also help with economics.


Hello! I’m a freshman with enough credits to pass as a Sophomore. My major is Actuarial Science. I’ve earned a 5 on the Calculus BC AP test, scored perfectly on the algebra placement exam and a near perfect on the geometry exam. I’ve been tutoring math classes since high school, and I am well versed in beginning economics. After I graduate I hope to make the big bucks as an actuary or an economist. I’ve been tutoring math subjects the last two years. My senior year of high school I was a TA for a geometry class. When tutoring math classes I will go through problems with you step by step and make sure you understand the deeper concepts at play. If I’m helping with Econ 103 I will make sure you know how to create and graph supply and demand equations and understand them. If you need help in English 102, I will grammar and spellcheck your essays and guide you towards a strong research paper. In high school, and now in college, between friends I’m known as the go-to guy for calculus questions. When I explain topics you may be learning I’ll usually add in ways you can apply them to the real world.


Available end of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and most of the day on Saturday.

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee