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Italo G.

UCF Alumni Biomedical science major. TA for over 5 semesters MIcrobIology English and Spanish. Making these topics easy ?


I'm a graduate from UCF with hopes of getting into master programs and then medical school. My areas of interest included microbiology and anatomy. Member of Premed AMSA. Member of ASM . Bilingual (English Spanish fluent). Have been a TA for over 5 semesters. My method is to simplify all these topics until you can't ever forget them. I'm good with making mnemonics and easy ways to remember hard topics. TA for over 5 semesters. Anatomy tutor in high school and college. I'm known for making concepts, easy to understand through the use of mnemonics and using abstract thinking. I know what students want, for I was one. We just want that A, I can help with that. No time wasted. We go straight to the point.


Any day for right now Weekends any time.

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