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Jack K.

Bryan, TX


I am an International studies major and Spanish minor I placed out and received an A in all beginner and intermediate classes

I am a junior, have maintained above a 3.0 in all Spanish and Hispanic studies courses at TAMU up to the 400 level now. I am a Spanish minor and have been learning/speaking Spanish since the first grade when I was enrolled in a Spanish Immersion program that I carried out through High school. I plan on studying in Spain next summer and home to someday live abroad in a Spanish speaking country. I am very comfortable speaking and am strongest in writing essays/editing essays in Spanish. I have tutored high school students before for beginner Spanish 1&2 courses. I am easy to get along with and enjoy meeting new people.


Available during the afternoons most days, text or email me and I can work something out most likely.


Texas A & M University-College Station