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Jacob D.

Ames, IA


Junior - History & Economics double major with minor in Political Science. 3.75 GPA & a 33 on the ACT

3.75 GPA with many 400 level history and poly sci classes under my belt. Very adept at essay planning, writing, and research. Good at prepping for written exams both in class and take-home. Excellent at understanding complex concepts and breaking them down into easier to understand chunks. Proficient in calculus, especially as it relates to intermediate Econ courses. I have a cat named Kitty Bite Bite. He's dope. I own three guitars but don't know how to play the guitar. I am 11 movies away from 1,500 total movies watched. And I've watched some of those 20 times. Goodfellas is fine. Just fine.


Available nearly every weekday night except when I have work. MWF I am free during the day, and most Saturdays are okay. I am free on Sundays whenever the Vikings aren't playing.


Iowa State University