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Jacob C.

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Tuscaloosa, AL


I am a current physics major at the university with a concentration on education so this IS my field.

I’m a transfer student coming in my junior year here. I have an associates degree from jeff state and a recipient of the APEX Physics Scholarship here at UA. I’ve tutored a bit and spent this last summer teaching and assisting with high school learning programs here in tuscaloosa. I’m currently tutoring 3 people consistently but I’m looking to expand. I was offered a job as a Learning Assistant for the university (undergrad version of a TA) but I was unable to take it because I already worked 20 hours for the university mail center. It’s important to know that I do not know everything, and if I don’t know something I will tell you. That being said I will also find out the answer and send you the solution outside of my regular hours. Also if you need help with a specific problem feel free to text or call, I’ll help you over the phone when I have free time free of charge (unless you ask me to work 10 Physics problems at once).


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