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Jenna C.

Gainesville, FL


I am more than happy to help! Aspiring Med-School student that has done extremely well in these sciences and maths at UF!

I am a Psychology major. I am a second year student at UF with a 3.97 science GPA. I received an A in CHM2045 and MAC 2311. I have completed the Bio sequence as well! I am familiar in both of these courses with a background from high school as well. I have began tutoring and people tell me they find it very helpful. I am involved in a sorority and frequently help sisters in these courses. I also have tutored students this year. I am actually from Tennessee and love it there. I always dream of going back but could never leave UF.


Available on Tuesdays along with afternoons Monday and Wednesday. Available upon request for other days.


University of Florida

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