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Joel M.

Materials engineering major, minoring in biomedical engineering. 4.0 GPA. Can tutor up to Cal 1 and general Chem.


I’m a materials and metallurgical engineering major and minoring in biomedical engineering. Currently, I’m a first year student on the Dean’s list (4.0 GPA). I’m part of the BUILDing SCHOLARS program in El Paso, this program lets me conduct undergraduate-research at partner institutions across America. I can usually help with basic maths and general sciences but I specialize in any math up to calculus 1 and general chemistry. Shoot me a message and we can get to work! I have no official experience tutoring but I’ve always helped my friends when they struggle in school. I have a four-year fellowship at my university. I’m always looking to help more people understand math, send me a message or request and let’s get busy! i love to play video games


Friday-Sunday, 10am-10pm

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The University of Texas at El Paso