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Jonathan K.

Columbus, OH


I've been tutoring in various courses since high school, and my students normally get a big improvement in the near future.

I'm currently a financial mathematics major in Ohio state university, a sophomore. In the past year, i've earned a scholarship of $10,000 a year. In the courses I will be teaching, I both got A I've been tutoring for 5 years, and taught various courses including algebra, calculus, history, economics, etc. I'm also one of the execs for Taiwanese student association currently in OSU, means that I can give a great service and big boost for your academics. I'm Taiwanese, and I'm totally capable of teaching in mandarin if any of the students request, but if you're domestic students, I can still definitely let you understand easily since I've study in the states since middle school.


Tuesday and Friday: 4:00pm-9:00pm Wednesday: 3:00pm-9pm Thursday: 5:00pm-9pm


Ohio State University

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