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Jordan T.

San Antonio, TX


Hey! My name is Jordan, and I’ve been a tutor for four years helping students with all STEM courses. I’m here to help you!

Currently, I am a graduate student at UTSA working towards my Masters of Science in Biology with a concentration in neurobiology. After UTSA, I will be applying to PhD programs in evolution, ecology, ethology (animal behavior), neuroscience, or something similar. As an undergraduate, I was a peer tutor for about four years, and I was the most requested tutor during that time! From that experience, I learned that I have a passion for tutoring and teaching, which is why I chose to become a tutor again (combined with the fact that I need some. Money for food). So, now that you know a little about me, why don’t you let me help you pass your classes and achieve your goals! As I said in my bio, I’ve been a tutor for about four years at my undergraduate university. In addition, I’ve also been a private tutor for a couple of months, and I’ve taught a high school biology and research course for a TRiO program at UTSA. What makes me unique is that I’m the type of tutor that wants my students to become independent. The way I tutor is structured to help the students learn how to study more efficiently, how to break down complex problems, and to learn what helps them best. My goal as a tutor is simple: I want to push my students to the level where they no longer need my help because they know how to study efficiently and effectively.


Friday’s after 1pm and possibly weekends by appointment.


The University of Texas at San Antonio