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Jonathan B.

Tuscaloosa, AL


English & News Media double major — Honors College student, 4.1 GPA — Can tutor anything I understand!

I’m a Freshman double-majoring in English and News Media. I’m enrolled in the Honors College and have a 4.1 GPA. My favorite feeling in the world is that of understanding something entirely, and my favorite thing to do is describe it to someone else. If I’m available to tutor you in a class it’s because I believe I understand it well enough to do so. My best subjects are history, English, and philosophy, so if you’re having trouble, come my way! I spend most of my time working in storytelling of one medium or another. I’ve had fiction published in multiple online magazine’s; I work for the school literary magazine, the Marr’s Field Journal; and I’m making a short film with fellow students for the Black Warrior Film Festival.


I’m free to tutor any time after noon, Tuesday-Friday, and on a case by case basis on the weekends.


The University of Alabama