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Jordan P.

I can't wait to help you ace your class! I understand learning is tough so I try my best to make things interesting and fun.


My name is Jordan. I am a Biology major at Syracuse. After I graduate from Syracuse I want to pursue a doctor of physical therapy degree. I am on the women's rugby team. I finished high school with a 94.7 unweighted GPA. I took 8 AP exams and never got less than a four. I am a summer camp counselor and absolutely love my job! Since I came in with a lot of AP credits, it has allowed to have a light schedule in college. This gives me plenty of time to help you. I tutored a lot in high school. When I tutored, I usually worked with kids who were taking classes I already took, or students who were taking the reagents equivalent of an AP class I was taking. I love sports. I've been bleeding Orange since the day I was born. I am on the SU women's rugby team and I love that too. I used to be a Newhouse student but I dropped it because I was more passionate about biology. My freshman I went on a medical mission trip to Panama, which is what inspired me to want a career in the health professions.


Tuesday between 3 and 5. Wednesday any time after one. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I am available all day.

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