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Jensen R.

Las Vegas, NV


Junior in Athletic Training on the Dean’s list. If something doesn’t make sense in lecture, I’m able to teach it in a new way

Hi there! I’m a Junior in the Athletic Training Program and currently holding a spot on the Dean’s list with a 3.7GPA. Along with being involved with the Rebel Athletic Training Society (RATS), I’m also a Hixson-Lied Success Scholar through the Academic Success Center (ASC). I’ve had several internship experiences within the field of healthcare and am passionate about teaching others about the world of medicine. I have tutored people of all ages (anywhere from 5 to 75 years old) in a wide variety of subjects (English, Math, Science, and any courses related to Kinesiology). I love finding a new way to make a difficult subject easier to understand, because let’s face it: sometimes we just don’t see information the same way the professor does. Private tutor for 2 years Tutor at the Boys and Girls Club for 2 years Taught English to local women in Tanzania Student athletic trainer for UNLV women’s soccer, Total Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, and currently at Mojave High School Lifeguard at UNLV SRWC Member of the Rebel Athletic Training Society (RATS) Hixson-Lied Success Scholar I’ve climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Monday’s: between 8am and 11am, or after 7pm Wednesday’s: before 11am, or after 7pm Thursday’s: after 7pm Friday’s: before 11:30am or after 6pm Saturday’s and Sunday’s: depends but can make something work if needed


University of Nevada-Las Vegas