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Juhi K.

Tampa, FL


Political Science graduate. Mentored & tutored >120 students in last 3 years. 3.9 GPA. Author of the book "You Got This!" :)

Hello! I recently graduated as a Political Science major with a concentration in World Affairs and minors in Leadership Studies and Urban Studies. I graduated magna cum laude (3.9 GPA) and was a member of the Honors Society - Phi Kappa Phi. I was involved in with everything from Student Government to the university TV station and everything in between! Upon graduation, I published my first book titled "You Got This! How to Win at College" and I'm always looking to help university students have incredible experiences! I have mentored and/or tutored over 120 students during my three years at university and a little more than that in high school and earlier. I've worked several on campus jobs that allowed me to meet and interact with students and help them in their journeys. I'm always up for sharing best practices and helping you learn ideas and concepts in a way that works for you. I have experience with breaking down complex information into bite sized, easy to understand nuggets that help my students perform exceptionally well in their classes. I gave a TEDx talk and published a book both at the age of 20. :)


I'm available on week day mornings and afternoons and weekend mornings.

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