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Kachina P.

I want to help you actually understand what you are learning and help you earn the grade you want.


Hi I’m Kachina Pfister I’m a UNR freshman majoring in psychology. I got 4.0 GPAs all through high school, did swimming and water polo for two years, and choir for four years. I took Japanese in high school for 3 years and I’m continuing my Japanese education right now. I tutor by first solving the problem myself and then going through the steps explaining what I did, and why I did it to you until you understand. I’ve tutored my friends and classmates during high school, I’ve had to teach the younger students how to do things like packaging, organization, etc. for choir and swimming/water polo. I like to think that I’m unique because I actually like learning and teaching others and I have a lot of non academic skills to teach others like dog care, crafts, etc.


Available Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 10-1:30, and anytime after 3. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9-10:30, and anytime after 4:30. Friday’s from 9-2:30 (may change depending on instructor) and any time after 4. Saturday’s any time after 1:30. Sunday’s any time as long as I have a notice in advance (may due last minute tutoring if you really need help)

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