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Karlena T.

Las Vegas, NV


I was a tutor in high school for two years, and I’m currently a note taker at UNLV.

I’m a sophomore by credit, freshman by year, majoring in civil engineering with a 4.0 gpa. I’m a member of ASCE, SWE, and UNLVolunteers. My greatest achievement in life is getting an A in Calc III. I’ve tutored for two years, been a note baker for one year, and I’m currently working as a student caller here on campus. I’m pretty flexible with time.


Mon: 2:30-5:15 Tues: 12:30-3:45 Thurs: 12:30-1:15, 4-5:30 Fri-Sun: available any time but only by phone


University of Nevada-Las Vegas