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Shourya K.

Houston, TX


Available to help in Katy or on campus! Patient, understanding and effective to help all I can! Been tutoring for 6 years!

Hi everyone, I’m a sophomore biomedical engineering major on the Dean’s List. I am also a premed student and have been tutorIng peers for a long tIme now and have a real patient and effectIve way of teachIng math material as well as chemIstry material! Outside of school I volunteer at memorial hermann hospItal and play tennis and all types of sports gIven the time. I can‘t wait to help you guys succeed the way I did and move forward in these classes! I have been an experienced private tutor for the past 6 years and have helped peers and students in all subjects I can from math to science to history. I have been with TA’s for the past 2 years and have developed a good sense of how they teach to improve my tutoring skills and simplifying complex subjects as much as possible I’m an avid sports fan along with a bookworm and workaholic and make life a balancing act that works with proper planning


My availability varies but at any time you require help just send me a message and I’ll get back to you quickly and we can set up a meeting time that works for all of us


University of Houston