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Kathryn R.

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Charlottesville, VA


I'm a wonderful teacher and will work hard to help you succeed! I edit writing and tutor math, science, and Spanish.

I am a first year Jefferson Scholar at UVA. I am pre-med looking into a neurobiology major. I have lots of prior tutoring and teaching experience and am excellent at explaining concepts! If you want someone who is smart and friendly, I'm your gal! I have tutored for two years in math, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. I also did an internship teaching math to students over the summer. I have worked in the genetics and complex diseases lab at the Harvard School of Public Health and interned at a bilingual pediatric neurology clinic in Boston, MA. I am great at breaking down topics to the smallest pieces as well as explaining the "big picture." I grew up in Austin, TX and went to high school in Boston. I'm also weirdly obsessed with grammar so bring papers from any subject to edit! I hope to become a doctor because I love science, and I love helping people!


Mon 5:15-10; Tues 2-5, 9-10; Wed 10-12, 7-10; Thur 2-10; Fri 3-6; Sat 11-5; Sun 1-10


University of Virginia

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