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Marcus K.

Amherst, MA


Premed Kinesiology Major. Made Dean's list every semester, near fluent in Spanish and can tutor chemistry through orgo 1.

Hey! I'm a junior Kinesiology Major on the premed track, I've made Dean's list every semester at college. I've helped friends and others with their homework and studying since high school. I've participated on an exchange to Spain and worked in a medical clinic in Nicaragua. I look forward to helping you with your course work and helping you develop techniques to help you in the future! I've been tutoring friends and other students for 3 years on and off, including math, chemistry, and Spanish. I've spoken Spanish for 8 years now with trips to Spain, Nicaragua, and soon Costa Rica. When tutoring I like to tackle difficult material by breaking it up into manageable chunks and taking different approaches to see why's that works for you. Let's get you that A! I was born in England and moved here when I was young, I love to travel and have been to 15 countries.


I'm free most of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and every weekday after 5. I prefer to keep my weekends open, but I can make arrangements to work with you at times T ha T work for you.


University of Massachusetts-Amherst

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