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Brandon K.

Madison, WI


Japanese graduate TA at UWMadison Lived in Japan for 6 years 15 years studying. 7 years of teaching experience.

Nice to meet you! I was a Japanese major with a major GPA of 3.9. I lived in Japan for almost 6 years where I studied Japanese and second language acquisition while teaching English at Japanese schools. I have been studying Japanese since I was in 9th grade. I’m a Japanese Graduate TA at UW Madison. I currently have qualifications in JLPT N1, Kanji Examination Lvl 2, and Business Japanese Lvl 1. Teaching Japanese is my passion, so let’s learn together! I’ve tutored many times in my life. At the undergrad I was the Japanese tutor for my university. I also tutored at the writing center as an ESL tutor for Japanese students. I have 5 years of teaching experience in Japan through the JET program. I am currently TAing lvl 1 Japanese at UW Madison. I was also a private tutor for two years through my city’s international association. And I did an internship at a Japanese school in Japan for my licensure. I love dogs and want one really bad but our apartment doesn’t let us have dogs. I also have a weak spot for chocolate.


I am usually available on weeknights or sometimes in the mornings. Usually on the weekend I am free as well. However my schedule changes often so it’s best to message me.


University of Wisconsin-Madison