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Kay O.

Columbia, SC


Double major in Global Studies and Philosophy (which means diverse courses!!) with a minor in Spanish. Sophomore, 3.9 GPA.

Hey guys! I'm currently a sophomore Global Studies and Philosophy double major, with a Spanish minor. I have a 3.9 GPA (ironically Spanish got me) and I'd love to get together to talk about a variety of courses. I'm here to increase your understanding, which will ultimately lead to your success! Send me a request, I'm excited to meet you! I have experience tutoring a variety of subjects from high school to lower level college courses, but I have aced mid and upper level college courses, as well. I have work experience in law and advocacy, and I really enjoy meeting and working with people. On my college campus, I am in a pre-law fraternity and I am a university ambassador. I went to high school away from home, so I have had lots of practice learning independence and good study habits.


MF: 10:40-11:40; 2:30-5 TTH: 1-2:30 I am flexible and I can increase my availability as requested, especially in the evenings.


University of South Carolina-Columbia