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Mike C.

Athens, GA


Neuroscience PhD student, strong in both science and the humanities. 4.0 GPA , 4+ years teaching experience. Anatomy/Bio TA.

3.7 GPA, majored in cell biology and philosophy with a minor in neuroscience, magna cum laude. 4.0 GPA as a current PhD student @ UGA. 4+ years tutoring a wide variety of subjects. TA for Anatomy and Biology at UGA. 75th percentile for GRE verbal, 97th percentile for GRE writing. I have worked as a TA for UGA for the past year teaching Anatomy and biology labs. Formerly, I have worked as a writing and science tutor for Armstrong State University and Sylvan Learning Center and as an Environmental Educator for the BSA. I also used to work as a newspaper editor, giving me lots of industry experience writing for publications and investigative journalism. I have traveled around the world a few times and I have worked in a lot of different fields, so I have a lot of random experiences. I also try to use my sense of humor to put students at ease, so if you don't learn anything (which you will), you will at least get a few laughs.


generally available on weekends, weekdays after around 5pm and all day Friday.


University of Georgia

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