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Logan M.

Raleigh, NC


Got a 4.0 in all of these classes. Am comfortable with the material still that I can explain each topic and apply them.

I am a sophomore majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Spanish. I plan on finishing in at most 3.5 years. I have helped other students before and I'm used to finding different ways of thinking in order to better understand the material. I have a very open schedule, so most times work for me! I have been helping people in many subjects for years in school, but started actually tutoring last year. I understand most material fairly easily and I can recall what we did in past semesters. I have 7 dogs and a cat at my home in South Dakota.


M/W - 1-4 pm and anytime after 6 pm T-Th - 12-2:30 pm and anytime after 4:30 pm F - 1-5 pm Sun - all day


North Carolina State University at Raleigh

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