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Louis N.

Davis, CA


No course is ever just "easy", but it can become manageable with a bit of help. I'm patient and I love to help my peers!

I am currently a freshman (I'm new!) pursuing an economics degree! I currently have a 3.7 gpa I have experience tutoring other students and I only tutor the courses that I have achieved an A in. I plan on graduating in 3 years and becoming an investment banker. I want to gain more work experience and hopefully make many connections with awesome people. I've been a private tutor for 2 years and I used to tutor for an after-school program. I am aware that everyone understands things differently and I can adjust when necessary. I don't bite so don't be afraid to ask any questions you have! I hope to meet you soon! I love anime and playing computer games. I'm pretty nice and a mix of introverted and extroverted. I have problem managing my time so I always procrastinate (Don't worry I'm working on it!) \(^•^)/ hope to meet you!!


I'm available 7am - 12am Fridays, 1pm -12pm Mondays and Wednesdays, 3pm -12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12am - 12am Saturday and Sunday


University of California-Davis