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Maarten D.

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Physics tutor for Med Students Rates reflect time preparing for sessions. Text me 352-286-1209 to ask about discounts!

Undergraduate teaching assistant for PHY 2053. I am a physics major with a 3.78 GPA. I firmly believe that anyone can succeed, even in physics and math. I have a passion for both subjects, not because I was good at them, but because my teachers and tutors helped me understand that the material is only as hard as you believe it to be. My methods of studying got me a 98 in Physics A, a 95 in Physics B, and a 100 in Calc 2. You too can achieve your dreams. I have taken 7 years of physics classes and 5 years of calculus classes. I have a deep understanding for the material you will be learning, and my relationships with the physics professors has given me unique insight into the questions they will ask and the answers they expect.


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