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Maddie P.

Tuscaloosa, AL


Hey y'all! I'm happy to help you ace these courses. I'm a student just like you, so I know the stress! I'm here to help :)

I am currently a junior biology major with a psychology and addiction and recovery minor. I work as a mental health technician in a psychiatric hospital as well. I love to help people, that's what I do for a living! Getting people to learn something new is the coolest feeling ever to me. I have some great strategies to learn the things that we cannot seem to wrap our heads around that have worked very well in the past. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have and hope to hear from you soon! I've tutored psychology students in the past with a positive outcome. A relaxed, non-stressful setting is what I aim to achieve every time because that is how you will learn the material comfortably. I will always try to be your friend before your tutor so that our tutoring session will go smoothly and you will feel comfortable with me as well. The feedback I have received from the students was all positive and grateful. Many people believe tutors are "know-it-all's" but that is not the case for me. In this area, I have abundant knowledge and experience with this material. But in other subjects I am on the flip side of this and need extra help as well, making me very relatable to the situation because I get both sides!


Monday/Wednesday: 4pm-8pm Tuesday/Thursday: 5pm-8pm Friday: 1pm-4pm Saturday/Sunday: anytime!


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