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Madeleine P.

Wheaton, IL


Hey y'all! I'm a Psych major and a Spanish minor, I got a 5 on the AP Psych test and tested to 300 level Spanish ☺️

I am a freshman and a Delta Gamma, I'm majoring in psychology with a minor in Spanish. I earned a 32 on the ACT, had a 4.0 high school GPA, am an Illinois State Scholar. I did very well on the AP exams for both Psych and Spanish, and I have a passion for both of the subjects, and I would love to help you understand them instead of struggle through them ☺️ I've tutored in Trigonometry, Pre Calculus, Spanish, and Astronomy for the past two years. I was a nanny in high school so I'm also proficient in first grade math ? I've failed other classes before so I totally get how hard certain subjects can be!! School is hella difficult and I'm happy I can help make it a little easier ☺️


Tuesday's and Thursday's after 3:30, weekends are open as well! I have some other spare time but it changes around with sorority stuff so just send me a message ☺️


The University of Alabama