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Marshall G.

Springfield, MO


Senior KIN major. 3.8 GPA. Dean’s list each year. Enjoys teaching to students. Can tutor math, science, and A&P

Hello, I’m a senior majoring in kinesiology with a 3.8GPA and I’m planning on going to grad school to become a chiropractor. I am adept in math, finishing with an A in calculus in high school. I also was a teaching assistant for anatomy after finishing with an A. I am currently planning a research project in the kinesiology department. I love to learn and I would love to have to opportunity to teach other students, hopefully instilling the same love of knowledge. I look forward to working with you. Send me a message and we can find a time to meet. All of my tutoring experience has been to friends. I have been helping various teammates and friends for 6 years. Throughout this time, I’ve learned how to break down complex ideas into simpler concepts in order to teach people. I also was able to refine those ideas when I was a TA in anatomy. I look forward helping students in a similar manner. I have been a student athlete playing hockey for 20 years while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in high school and 3.8 in college. Also I’ve been trying to build a forge in order to make a sword :)


I’m available every weeknight. MWF after 3 and TTh after 5. Weekends can be discussed.


Missouri State University-Springfield