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Maryam A.

Gainesville, FL


Biochemistry major with passion of helping others except in math and science.

Hey! I'm a junior biochemistry major with 3.79 GPA. I have tutored at acadenuc support centers and was a Supplemental Instructions Leader for Calculus 1. I'm very motivated to helping students pass their classes with high grades and have fun learning along the way! Send me a message or a request and we can meet up to get started. I tutored at the Academic Support Center in my previous college and was an SI Leader for Calculus 1. I am bilingual and love learning and experiencing new things. I love to meeting new people and learning about them. I am very into baking and trying new food recipes. I am always someone that people come to me to talk about daily life or just anything that's bothering them. I am very wise about my advice.


I am available on Wednesdays and Friday through Sunday!


University of Florida