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Mark W.

Madison, WI


I've been tutoring math for years, and I love explaining concepts and helping students understand the material!

I'm a sophomore with a 4.0 majoring in Computer Science and Math. I'm currently a math tutor with UW Housing and a Tech Chair of Software Development Club. I excel in walking through examples and relating them to the core material, and explaining underlying concepts necessary to solve any problem. I'm currently a math tutor with UW Housing, formerly a volunteer tutor with Achievement Connections and with my high school. I've tutored students individually in chem, physics, biology, English, and just about every math and CS class through 320 and 367. I've been a camp counselor for two summers! Also, I can juggle.


Mondays 1pm - 6:30pm, Fridays 9am - 5pm, weekends flexible


University of Wisconsin-Madison

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