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Hi! I love math and math education. At UCF, working for student athletes, I was "Most requested math tutor”


Hi! I am a mathematician with twelve years experience as tutor, professor, and teacher. I have helped many successful students get the best possible grade in their class or score on their exam. I coach you step by step, according to your unique learning needs, so that you learn to confidently solve every problem you will be asked to solve. I tutor basic math and algebra, up through calculus, statistics, trigonometry, finite and discrete math, quantitative tools, and math for the liberal arts. I was fortunate to attend Harvard University as a national merit scholar, and earned my BS in math from UCF in 2014 with a 3.8 gpa. I am a fun and patient tutor. I am in La Jolla, CA, and would love to tutor you in greater San Diego, from Pacific Beach to Del Mar, or online. Let's tutor! Reviews from, where my overall rating is 4.7/5.0: "I still have not found a professor as good as professor cox!" "He is the best Professor I've had. wow He is the best! He know a lot. and He is helpful. I loved all of his classes." "The best math teacher there is, he's a really nice mellow guy if you're struggling with class [which] i doubt people do, he will help you with the assignments and to review the tests, quiz love his class." "Not enough can be said about Mr. Cox, he is a student himself so he understand us and has a superior method of getting you to understand math. I [wish] he taught other classes." "The Best Professor In The World Literally." "Professor Cox has a good teaching skill. He makes math very easy. If you want to get an A take his class, do your homework and you will definitely have an A. He gives easy exams and do a review before every exam. He is the best math professor I ever had." "Really funny... makes math fun." "The best math professor I had! I would be taking him again. He also funny. He would go over the same problems with you. He's there to help you. Take him !" "I really enjoyed being In Professor Cox's class. Hes a great teacher and very helpful and patience... Great Lectures.. I would take any class he teaches again" "Professor Cox is an AMAZING professor. He really takes his time to make sure that students are grasping the information and can perform them using his techniques or sayings. His Tests are easy & goes accordingly to every subject covered in class. If math was never your favorite subject YOU MUST TAKE HIS CLASS! Hope to get him for my next math class."


Most days and times are good. Try me!

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