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Meghana G.

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QBio and CS, been tutoring for over 7 years and a TA for 6 semesters. Will work to develop the best possible style for you!

I’m a senior Comp Sci and Bio double major, attending medical school in the fall, and did really well in these courses! I have a strong math and physics background and have experience tutoring for science classes. I’ve LA’d for CS classes as well! I’ve tutored students in various subjects ( including chemistry, physics, math) over the last 4 years, and have been a Comp Sci LA for the past 3 semesters. I enjoy looking at different ways to think about a problem and breaking it down in a way that makes sense to the students I’m teaching! I love the fine arts- I dance, sing, and play violin and viola!


Flexible M-F


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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