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Max G.

Do you want to pass your 100 level Dialogues with ease? If you sign up with me today I’ll show you all the ropes to get an A!


I am a current Sophmore studying Aviation Management! I am the president of the Aeronautics club and belong to several other organizations on campus. I am also a RA and Student Ambassdor. I am in the honor society and aspire to help students through the dialogues with ease. I have tutored in high school before for 2 years, but not yet in college. I am very involved on campus and love to learn new things everyday. I have also taught several classes back home to students on Aviation related material. I am a fun guy to be around who tries to make the Dialougue courses enjoyable. I try to make everything easy and use tons of examples when tutoring. I find that’s the best way to learn is through real life examples


MWF 2pm-5pm *dates may vary depending on the week*

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