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Michael B.

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Madison, WI


Studied abroad in Costa Rica, was a biology TA for 3 years, and now a PhD candidate in Soil Science and lecturer in Botany.

I have a BA in zoology, TA’d Bio 151 & 152, Plant Path 123, and Botany 100 for many semesters. I’m a summer lecturer for Botany 100. I’ve taken many biology classes at the UW and at the Marine Biological Laboratory in MA. I was a TA for 3 years while getting my master’s degree in environmental microbiology and now I’m a dissertator in soil biogeochenistry and summer lecturer in botany. I only do research now in the fall and spring but want to teach more. I was a juggler, musician (guitar and piano), and modern dancer before giving it all up for science! Skills and experience in the arts are still valuable to me today.


My schedule is flexible each week, but I’m unavailable Wednesday afternoons.


University of Wisconsin-Madison