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Mikaela L.

Columbia, SC


Biology pre-dental student-athlete with 4.0 GPA! I love science and I have a lot of great study material to get you through!

Junior, 4.0 gpa biology major. I'm a pre-dental student and an athlete! I love helping people with science, especially chemistry, I have great notes myself and unique ways to help you learn tough material like organic Chem! I hope to meet you! I've been tutoring friends for a long time for free, but have just recently joined knack. I ran study groups for my organic classes last year and continue to help teammates with their classes every week! I'm from California, so I might use some different lingo, but I promise it'll be dope.u


1045-1145am mwf 10-11 Tuesday's. Most afternoons I have free after 6. Weekends are mostly open, especially Sunday afternoons!


University of South Carolina-Columbia