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Mikaela S.

Madison, WI


I’m a 3rd year senior psychology student at UW-Madison with a 3.93 in discipline. I’d love to spread the info I’ve learned!

Hello! A little about myself: 2018-2019 will be my 3rd and final year of college (for now). I went to UW-Marshfield for the first 2 years and will be transferring to UW-Madison for the last year. I have taken several psychology and statistics classes so far and have a 3.93 GPA in discipline. I will be taking more statistics, psychology, educational psychology, and women’s studies courses this year, and just want to help students that may struggle with statistics or psychology, because these courses can be rough! I have tutored friends for free in the past, but have no formal experience. I’d love to get started though so I can help others! I love watching crime TV shows at night!


Open for the summer! Will change for Fall 2018


University of Wisconsin-Madison