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Mitchell B.

I have tutored people for all my life- I was always the kid people went to for help. I can explain complicated stuff simply.


I have a 3.96 GPA and extensive experience tutoring/teaching people in a variety of situations. People have always gone to me for help because I was not only capable of helping, but willing to. I understand things in a deep and detailed way, so I can really break topics down into the simplest, most relatable terms possible. I have a passion and a talent for teaching others, and I want to be a Professor. I’m not even in this for the money, I just seriously want to help. I have a very flexible schedule. Contact me, and you won’t be disappointed. I have been tutoring others in some form or another literally since I started school. That amounts to 14 years of experience so far. I have taught a very broad range of subjects at a variety of difficulty levels. Students who learn from me have always been extremely successful- I cannot recall one time where a student scored less than an A on any assignment after receiving my help. I was sought after in high school and college especially for tutoring because I wasn‘t competitive like some other kids, so I really will go the extra mile to help you succeed. I tend to put more effort into teaching others than I do into my own classes because helping people motivates me. In short, what make me stand out are my deep comprehension that allows me to break topics down in really simple terms, and my extremely strong commitmen to helping people.


I have classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:40-11:30, and 3:00-3:50. I have a class on Tuesday from 3:00-4:55, and on Thursday from 3:00-3:50. I lead my Debate Society meetings on Tuesdays from 7:15-8:15. I am free at all times except for those as long as you give me some notice (at least a day in advance).

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