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Mackenzie L.


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Tutoring trig at fsu for 2 years. I know this class forwards and backwards. Offer discounted rates to returning clients! :)


(3.9 GPA)If you’re struggling in trig, I’m the tutor for you. Skipped class? Schedule a session with me and I’ll teach you the concepts in a quick and easy way, without making you cry or doubt your entire existence (thanks Grigorian). Your session is completely crafted for your success; want to go over eGrade, class notes, or shortcuts that Grigorian explained in .2 seconds? I’m here to help! Although I personally had Grigorian, Lenoir covers the same exact concepts so I can help regardless of your professor.


I️ have a very flexible schedule and can meet you anywhere around/by campus. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!

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Florida State University

Tallahassee Community College