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Tutoring trig at fsu for 2 years. I know this class forwards and backwards (weird flex, but ok). Let’s get you that A!

(3.9 GPA) Going into my senior year as a STEM education and mathematics major. I’ve been helping students in this class for a few semesters and have mastered all of the course content. I can make up practice problems, explain concepts, and essentially be your professor if you are completely lost. I like focusing on teaching students how to use logic and common sense to understand trigonometric concepts, so if you’re mathematically challenged, don’t worry, you’ve got this! I am now offering discounted tutoring services for ODE, specifically Dr. Agashe’s sections. If you can still switch to this professor, I highly recommend you do. Each professor covers different material and Agashe covers the easiest compared to the others. I also have access to textbook solutions if you want to double check homework answers before turning it in. I really loved this class and constructed my own ways of doing the problems and understanding the concepts. Feel free to message me with any questions!


I’ll be in Tallahassee for Summer B and Summer C, so feel free to message me to set up a session, or if you have any other questions. During Summer B, I will be in class and unavalible M 9-4, T 3-7, W 9-7 and TH 9-11.


Florida State University

Tallahassee Community College

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