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Moe A.

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Chapel Hill, NC


Bio/EXSS senior that has teaching experience as an SI instructor and years of tutoring experience.

Hey everyone. I'm a bio/EXSS double major senior looking at med school. Would love to help and have lots of teaching experience running SI sessions and as a peer tutor. I only tutor for classes in which I remember the course material very well. I also only tutor for classes that I've made A's in. I work in two research labs and am always applying what I have learned in class so it sticks very well. I'm getting married next year! I'm also in the marching band and am involved in various organizations around campus (Covenant, MSA, 2 research labs, etc)


My availability is always changing! If interested, just shoot me a message and I'll work around your schedule. Nights work best! Request me the night before a big exam.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill