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Reagan A.

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Auburn, AL


Industrial and Systems Engineering student. Experienced tutor in a range of MATH and INSY courses.

Industrial and Systems Engineering major, Senior Year, GPA = 3.86/4.00, previous tutoring experience, Will attain Six Sigma Green Belt upon graduation because of my elective course selection combined with my required major courses. Tutoring Experience: I have tutored for INSY courses such as INSY 3400 and INSY 3410. In the past, I have tutored in many different MATH courses at Auburn such as calculus and pre-calculus. Internship Experience: I was a co-op student for three semesters with a company called Altec. A co-op is essentially an intern that works during a normal school semester. During my three semesters as a co-op, I worked as three different titles; Manufacturing Engineer co-op, Quality Engineer co-op, and Design co-op. While in manufacturing, I was assigned numerous projects and tasks in order to reduce waste and increase productivity. One example is when I designed and implemented a large rack to utilize unused floor space within the plant. As a quality co-op, I had similar jobs as in manufacturing, but it was related with ensuring that the product Altec produced was of high quality and conformed to standards. A project example in quality is when I led a plant wide event on implementing a Red Tagging System. This system would red tag a defective part, send the defective part to a red tag area, and then be looked over by quality technicians. This process allowed for technicians to more easily root cause the defective parts. Finally, while in design, I would design different parts that were ordered by the downstream customer. I used SolidWorks, a 3D CAD software, to design all parts. I worked directly with the sales team to ensure we designed a product that the customer wanted. Campus Involvement: I am a member of a social fraternity on campus. I am a part of two honor society’s that require six community service hours per semester as well as attending the organizations’ meetings. I am crazy about fantasy football, and I have been in the same league since I was in 7th grade. This summer I actually taught myself some R programming language in order to extract player projection data from different websites. I then used this extracted data to create the ultimate player projections.


5-15 hours a week. Days and times depend on schedule. Reach out to me so we can come up with the best available time for both of us!


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