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Zachary A.

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Graduate from the prestigious Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics (3.9 GPA). Studied Linear/Multi/OS/DS with PhD profs.

3.9 GPA, 1490 SAT, 34 ACT. Taken up to Linear/Multi in math and Data Structures/Operating Systems in CS. Currently employed as manager of Continuous Automaton and Integration at NextThought. CS/JAPN/Math Major. Regents Scholar. I study mathematical proofs heavily to try and teach you the concepts behind formulas, and not just the symbols on the page. I've tutored classmates and friends for years now. I used to run tutoring programs at my local library as well. My current and previous job both had a heavy amount of work that required a great knowledge of CS/Math. So I am confident in my abilities. I listen to so much music that I've been called the Human Pandora by friends. So if you ever need a music recommendation, I've got you covered there too


Most Weekdays (After 5/6) and Weekends (afternoon)


University of Oklahoma

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