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Adriana S.

Milwaukee, WI


4.0 GPA 3 Years tutoring and leading group study sessions on historically difficult courses ( Organic & General Chemistry)

Hi everyone! I am a senior pursuing my Biology major with a 4.0 GPA. I have experience leading peer facilitated group sessions where my goal is to help students identify what is most difficult and work through many strategies to help students understand. I try to make sure to work through the concepts with students in order to create that deeper understanding. I have experience as a Supplemental Instruction Leader where I lead group study sessions where the goal is to work through the difficult content of the course through processing and beneficial study strategies in courses such as Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Calculus. I have also tutored in the past as in individual settings for General Chemistry and Algebra courses. I am excited to hearing from you! I am pursuing a path in veterinary medicine so I would love to talk about animals anytime too :)


I am pretty flexible with times and would be willing to work a out a schedule. A few times I can be available is on Thursday mornings and I have a 9:15-10:30 am (Central time) availability Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please reach out to me for more times.


Carroll University