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Nathaniel S.

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Gainesville, FL


Published Author and Standing English Major. Lover of all things English and Grammar related - I work with both daily.

Freshman English / Philosophy Double Major at UF. AP Scholar 2016, AP Scholar with Honor 2017 (Lang. and Comp. - 5 | Lit. and Comp. - 4) IB Graduate with Diploma Awarded, scored a 7 on IB HL English Exam, 5 on SL Spanish Exam, 5 on HL History of the Americas Exam. 4.6 Cumulative IB GPA. I've tutored voluntarily for classmates in IB and underclassmen. Strong understanding of the struggles students have with English and Humanities subjects; well-versed in solving and explaining these problems. Platinum League of Legends ADC, Published Author, Competitive Ultimate Frisbee Player.


Every Afternoon (post 1 PM) except Thursdays (post 8 PM).


University of Florida

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