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Nghi (April) L.

Saint Paul, MN


Animal Science major. 99,8% average for CHEM 1081, 100% average for MATH1031 so far. Helping you is helping me reviewing too!

UMN Twin Cities - College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Science - Animal Science, pre-vet track, freshman Tutored 7th grade step-brother from D’s to B’s (although English is not my first language). Internship at Action for Wildlife Vietnam. Shift leader at Caribou Coffee. Necropsy student at Wildlife Rehabilitation Center MN. I’m pretty chill


Wednesday after 1:40pm (except from when there’s Chem exam). Thursday from 12:30-2:30pm. Friday from 1:40pm to 4pm (depends on certain weeks)


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

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