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Nicholas R.

Madison, WI


Looking for a casual tutor that is free but knows what he’s talking about? You’ve found him! I’m looking forward to helping.

Hello, future tutee! I’m a Junior in the AMEP program. I have a 3.0 GPA, and got an 29 ACT, If you care. I’ve been in advanced placement Math since middle school. I will be able to help you with ANY math course under 300 level and ANY Physics course under 247. I’m currently looking for internships that will help me achieve my goal of becoming an A.I. developer. I’m sure that there will be other tutors that have better qualifications but I am FREE and I promise you I know what I’m talking about. Feel free to even ask me little questions that might not be worth meeting in person for, I’m here to help! I’m not as obviously qualified as many of the other tutors here but that’s why I’m free! If you are struggling with something then you can meet with me for free and find out for yourself whether or not I can help. You have nothing to lose but time! That said, if you are in any classes that I have listed as being able to tutor, I guarantee you that I am more than capable of helping. I’m extremely interested in Philosophy and I would love to discuss literally anything in that field if you have the desire. I play a ton of video games, watch a ton of shows/movies, and listen to a ton of music.


Monday’s, Wednesday’s, FrIday‘s and weekends work best but if you cannot make any of those days, let me know and we will figure something out!


University of Wisconsin-Madison

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