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Nicole T.

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San Diego, CA


Hi! I'm nicole and I currently tutor various undergrad math courses and TA math 141 come meet me :)

I am an applied mathematics major with a business management minor. I am a junior with a 3.79 cumulative gpa and a 4.0 major gpa. I have been privately tutoring for 5 years now as well as tutoring at the math learning center at sdsu. I also TA math 141 and perform research on strategies and active learning to help undergraduates succeed in math classes. Fun fact about me: I am a certified yoga instructor!


Weekends work best but I am also available Mondays after 3:30 Tuesdays (usually) between 12-4, Wednesdays before 2:30, and Fridays (usually) after 4


San Diego State University

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